Targeted treatments for specific skin concerns

Two key ways to nourish and keep your skin healthy are what you put on it and what you put in your body. Timeless Beauty is here to help with what you put on it. Skin health is vital to combat anti-aging, acne, redness, hyperpigmentation and many other skin concerns. Along with that, you will have flawless makeup applications every time with nourished and cared for skin. Please check out our on-location services below featuring Artistry® Skin care products.

Red Carpet Ready~ $85

60 minute treatment. Perfect before any main event. Gentle exfoliation to reveal glowing radiant skin. With a customized finish of toner, treatment, moisturizer and eye cream.

Acne Facial ~ $100

75 minute treatment. Customized to target your specific skin issues. Using Artistry® acne fighting products along with steam, double cleanse, targeted mask and finished with toner, treatment, moisturizer and eye cream.

Anti~Aging Facial $130

80 minute treatment. Customized for your specific needs using Artistry® Anti~Aging products to reduce visible signs of aging and firm your skin’s appearance. This facial will rejuvenate, replenish and renew your skin starting with an anti-aging cleanse, a targeted exfoliator, a targeted mask and finishing with our anti-aging serums, moistureizers and eye cream.