Customized, on-location makeup and hair for your wedding day is just a click away! Our talented artists will work with you to achieve the perfect look. Please contact us for any exclusive promos and an exact quote.


Bridal Makeup ~ $130.00
Bridal Preview ~ $130.00
Bridal Party / Mothers ~ $95.00
Preview (other than Bride) $65
Junior Bridesmaids ~ $45.00
Grooms ~ $45.00
Flower Girl ~ Complimentary


Bridal Hair ~ $120.00
Bridal Preview ~ $125.00
Bridal Party / Mothers  $100.00
Short Hair Styling ~ Starting at $70
Preview (other than Bride)  ~ $100.00
Flower Girl ~ Starting at $30
Extensions / Placement and Styling ~ $20

Clip-in Extensions are placed and styled, extensions are not supplied

Previews and what you should know

A hair and makeup preview is the perfect time to see your beauty vision come to life. The Artists will perfect the designs you’ve chosen and ensure your wedding day goes smoothly. It is also the time to ensure all makeup products that we use and the skin care products you use will mesh well together and not cause any disturbance to your makeup. If this happens, don’t worry! Knowing that something didn’t work well gives us the chance to make the change needed so your wedding day makeup will be perfect. Please be honest with us about the products you use and your skin care routine as this is the foundation on which the makeup will sit. The day after your preview is completed we will be in touch to make sure you were happy and comfortable with your look. This is your opportunity to tweak and finalize your bridal beauty vision. We want to know your thoughts and ideas so we are always on the same page. Knowing how you are going to look is what helps to make your big day stress free!