Make the most of your Preview for Makeup and Hair

OK, you are sure that you want a Preview for your makeup and hair, after all who wants to be stressed about how you are going to look on one of the biggest days of your life!

But how should you take advantage of it?

Some people will tell you to use your Preview for your photo shoot or your Bridal Shower, makes sense, right? You are going to have your makeup and hair done, why waste it?

That is a mistake made by a lot of Brides.

Your Preview is to find your “Signature” look for your big day.

a. You don’t want anyone to see it before that day, except for your closest besties who could help you decide.

b. You may not be able to decide on the colors or the look. Many of the previews I do are one half of your face is one look, color, or style, and the other side is another. As you go thru the rest of the day or evening, you can decide which one you really like. You don’t want to go anywhere looking like that!

c. Your hairstyle should be the same: wear it for a few hours to see if you really like those little tendrils in your face? Are you comfortable with it all up? This is your chance to decide, especially if you have never tried any of these.

Let my team help you make good use of your Preview, The Timeless Beauty Team wants to magnify the beauty that already exists and make you feel beautiful!